Where the flyin' fishes play


Facilities & services

  • Up to 82 guests
  • Swimming pool
  • Wellbeing and fitness area
  • Observation deck
  • Multilingual guides

Cruise along the iconic Irrawaddy River, taking in the rural landscapes from the deck of this luxurious river cruiser. Stop off to explore idyllic villages reminiscent of Kipling’s poem from which the boat takes her name, see saffron-robed monks go about their daily rituals, and marvel at the golden spires of pagodas which soar out of the jungle.

The Road to Mandalay’s cabins have been designed to combine comfort and elegance, whilst reflecting local styles and materials. All cabins enjoy outward-facing windows, luxurious furnishings made by local artisans and a selection of modern conveniences.

Each day is filled with events, excursions, and entertainment. Aside from shore excursions, hear topical talks from a range local and international experts or join a cooking class to learn some Burmese specialities. Or simply relax, cocktail in hand, on the teak observation deck and watch the marvellous sights as you cruise gently along the river, perhaps taking a dip in the pool.

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