Eight Restored, Antique and International Villas


Facilities & services

  • Eight houses with fourteen rooms
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Two swimming pools
  • Library
  • Pool table
  • Movie room


  • Swimming

For a wonderfully unique experience full of authentic character, stay at one of Temple Tree’s lovingly restored heritage houses. Choose a room or even an entire villa – each hark from different eras and regions, from the 1920s Penang clubhouse to the spectacular century-old Chinese mansion, to a ’40s rubber estate longhouse.

Besides truly one-of-a-kind accommodation, guests are also treated to western and fusion culinary delights, both in the colonial clubhouse and by the pools, which are surrounded by swaying palms and mountain views. When you’re not lounging by the pool or enjoying delicious cuisine, explore the local scenery on rainforest walks and mangrove kayaking tours.

Adding to this boutique hotel’s unusual concept, the owners here run and fund an animal sanctuary so look out for cats basking in the property’s sunny grounds.

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