Art Lover's Paradise


Facilities & services

  • 11 guest rooms & suites
  • On-site museum
  • Two shops
  • Two Restaurants
  • Spa
  • Café & lounge


  • Touring the museum
  • Exploring the island
  • Day trips to attractions on the island; Naoshima Bath, Art House Project, Chichu Art Museum
  • Excursions to Teshima Island, Inujima Island

Minimalist design, contemporary cool, modernist chic. This hotel/museum fuses nature and art together with its striking architecture and artwork dotted all over the secluded Benesse House complex. Sculptures, installations and paintings are dispersed throughout the hotel; in bedrooms, on the grounds, and in the main galleries.

With just 11 guest rooms and suites, most of which offer an expansive view of the stunning, Seto Inland Sea, guests can enjoy the natural beauty and remote setting of this luxury complex. Four different buildings are centred around the museum, each with its individual style and distinctive suites.

Benesse House Hotel is ideally located in the heart of a buzzing, developing art scene, on Naoshima island. Numerous art projects, programs and exhibitions are fast emerging and can be easily visited during your visit. Hotel guests can also enjoy exclusive, after-hours access to the Benesse House museum.

After a day of exploring the island, or the surrounding islands for that matter, relax in the spa and wine and dine in one of their excellent on-site restaurants, each offering fresh, local produce and fine cuisine.

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