Experience a taste of life at monastery in the traditional heart of Shingon Buddhism


Facilities & services

  • 27 rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Traditional baths
  • Bicycle hire

Mount Koya has been the centre of Shingon Buddhism in Japan for over a millennium, and the town has become a secluded cluster of temples and monasteries on Koyasan’s wooded mountaintop.

Ichijoin offers a wonderful chance to experience the simple, traditional lifestyle of a Buddhist monk here, in a central location perfect for exploring the spiritual town.

Lodgings are within private and classically Japanese rooms with tatami floors, sliding fusuma doors and futon beds, along with a few more modern comforts, all set amidst a tranquil Japanese garden and ponds where Nishikigoi carp swim.

A real highlight of a stay is the Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, shojin ryori. An expression of religious discipline, a philosophy of balance, harmony and simplicity is combined with seasonal ingredients for exquisitely prepared, delicious dishes. Guests are also invited to join morning prayers before breakfast, and can explore the temple’s cultural treasures and enjoy its baths.

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