Traditional Buddhist Temple Stay


Facilities & services

  • Syojin Ryori Dinner Included
  • Traditional Japanese Garden


  • Ajikan meditation
  • Buddhist sutra writing

The Eko-in Temple was founded by the monk Dosho a direct disciple of Kobodaishi, almost 1200 years ago. “Eko” originally means “Transference of Merit”, which is related to the “Karma” concept. Coming on a pilgrimage to Koya-san and staying at a Monastery is considered as an acquisition of merit for Buddhist followers.

Rooms are traditional Tatami style, offering guests a authentic Japanese experience. Dinner is included in your stay and will be served early in the comfort of your room. Sample the delicious vegetarian cuisine created by monks, called “Shojin” and experience a very different aspect of Japanese society: the world of Buddhism. During your stay you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Buddhist practice of Shakyo, hand copying the Sutra.

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