A revamped traditional village presenting a luxurious stay in Hangzhou


Facilities & services

  • 47 individual dwellings
  • Five restaurants
  • Tea house
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Pilates studio
  • Beauty salon


  • Chinese tea experience
  • West Lake exploration
  • Temple walking tour
  • Hangzhou tour
  • Cultural talks and presentations

Set close to West Lake in Hangzhou, in a revamped village defined by dark, romantic rooms and verdant tea-field views, Amanfayun’s unique location means that guests wake up between the mountains and a monastery. Presenting a calm and authentic setting for a mindful retreat, Amanfayun is home to five restaurants and seven spiritual sites, which are in walking distance. Serving as a great jumping-off point for exploring the culture, nature, and history of Hangzhou, guests will feel truly immersed in the character and identity of this enigmatic place.

Accommodation consists of 47 stone dwellings, which include 21 suites, all-embracing the layout and spirit of a traditional Chinese village. Roofs are clay tile, and interior floors are stone or wood, with some offering upper floors with views over the treetops, while fine calligraphy art pieces decorate the walls. During your time here, you’ll also enjoy some fine dining opportunities, with the collection of restaurants serving everything from delicious local cuisine to a range of flavorsome cocktails. There’s also a tea house on-site, ensuring you can sample the traditions of taking tea in China.

Wellness is another big factor of a visit to Amanfayun, with the on-site spa reflecting Chinese health and well-being traditions, as well as the finest international spa therapies, promising to send you away rejuvenated at the end of your stay.

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