A relaxed haven on Cambodia's southern coast


Facilities & services

  • Five villas with 18 rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Sailing club
  • Infinity pool


  • Kayaking
  • Wind surfing
  • Cycling
  • Yoga and meditation

Cambodia’s southern coast is a wonderful place to relax, unwind and enjoy its beautiful beaches and sleepy fishing villages. Knai Bang Chatt is located just two hours from Phnom Penh in Kep, and the perfect spot to enjoy this untouched part of Cambodia. This resort pays special attention to giving back to the local community through several programmes and has a reflective ecological consciousness, priding themselves on being leaders in environmentalism, and funding preservation and low-impact projects.

Kep-sur-Mer, as it was known in the 50s, was a popular seaside retreat for the colonial French elite, and later wealthy Khmers. In the 70s much of the city had fallen into disrepair under the influence of Khmer Rouge forces. Among the abandoned buildings were the three original villas of Knai Bang Chatt – originally owned by the Governor of Kep, a relative of the king and the Head of Customs. The villas were purchased in 2006 and a further two villas were built with the whole property undergoing a full renovation 2012.

Knai Bang Chatt consists of five villas with 18 rooms in total. The decor is inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy, Wabi Sabi, which places emphasis on purity and simplicity. The rooms are simple and elegant with polished teak beds, ceramics and soft, earthy tones. Some of the rooms offer garden or sea views.

Throughout the property, you’ll find cultural artefacts and historical works of art and the lush grounds are an oasis of calm with swaying palms and pebbled pathways. The Strand restaurant specialises in locally caught seafood, which can be enjoyed at the open-air restaurant by the beach or in the dining pavilion. There’s also the option to indulge in some really special dining experiences, including a private candlelit dinner at the end of the hotel’s jetty.

The Sailing Club, located in a former fisherman’s cottage, is another option for food and drink and is also a centre for kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. There’re daily yoga and meditation sessions and spa treatments available, as well as a beautiful infinity pool, ideal for lazy days in the sun.

Positive Impact

Founder of Hand in Hand Programme

This resort founded the Hand in Hand Programme: to date, the programme has invested nearly $1 million dollars (USD) to improve the education, health and livelihood opportunities for over 600 families in the neighbouring village of Chamcar Bei, 17kms from Kep. These funds were raised by both private donations and a 3% contribution from the resort revenue. The Hand in Hand programme has had a lasting positive impact on the lives of more than 3,000 community members.

Extensive recycling and waste management programme

Knai Bang Chatt turn as many glass bottles as they can into drinking glasses. This prevents even more sand from being mined to make new glasses, averts more glass lying around in landfills, saves energy and avoids expensive recycling processes. Glass bottles that can’t be upcycled are donated to community groups and social enterprises to be used in eco-building and eco-bricks production. The resort also implements a waste management programme and has a programme in place to eliminate single-use plastic.

Green Growth 2050

Knai Bang Chatt makes every effort to embrace the concepts of sustainability and environmentalism. The resort was recently awarded a platinum certification from the Green Growth 2050 standards, and they’re one of only three hotels worldwide to achieve this.

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