Comfortable jungle lodge set within a wildlife reserve


Facilities & services

  • 20 bungalows
  • Cafe


  • Jungle trekking
  • Safari drives
  • Night walks
  • Trips to the mud volcano and waterfalls
  • Bird watching

Tabin Wildlife Resort is found within a forested 300,000 reserve that is home to some of Borneo’s most import animals. The three largest mammals of Sabah, namely Borneo pygmy elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros and Tembadau – a species of wild cattle – are all found within the reserve as are nine primate species including orangutan and some 300 types of bird.

There are 20 timber bungalows, one half in the jungle on the hill side and the other along the Lipad River. Each has a twin or double bed, en-suite bathroom with hot water shower and a private balcony. A timber boardwalk links the cabins to the café at the heart of the resort.

Explore the forest in search of its iconic residents on jungle treks, night safari, nocturnal wildlife-spotting walks, bird watching and safari drives. Another highlight is a trip to the active and mineral-rich mud volcanoes.

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