Transylvania, Romania

Copșa Mare Guesthouse

A relaxing haven

Escape to a Saxon village

Located in a Saxon village in the Transylvania Triangle, Copsamare Guesthouse provides you with an ideal retreat when it’s relaxation and adventure you’re looking for. Each of the Copșa Mare houses have been meticulously restored to celebrate their traditional architecture. Distinctive curved tile roofs, pastel-colored facades and traditional decorations shine through. They are filled with locally-produced furniture, and also include all the modern touches you need for a comfortable stay. The moment you arrive , you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The popular UNESCO World Heritage Site of Biertan is only a short trip away, and the village is surrounded by the historic cities of Brasov, Sighisoara, and Sibiu. Go exploring and you’ll discover many fortified churches and stunning landscapes. During your stay, you might choose to immerse yourself in Transylvanian culture by taking part in a variety of local activities and, of course, savouring authentic traditional cuisine. Sustainability is top of mind in the kitchens here, with the menus featuring organic ingredients grown on-site, or sourced nearby.

The guesthouses are located close to one another, allowing for privacy, without sacrificing on the benefits of personal attention from the team that runs them.


Sunny and cosy living rooms with welcoming fireplaces

Fully equipped kitchen with rustic charm

Attic bedrooms with beautiful views of the hills

Open communal dining space ideal for getting to know other guests

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