Simple Castaway Cabanas on the beach in the Celestun Reserve


Facilities & services

  • 32 thatched standalone cabanas
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bar
  • Store
  • Wellness Centre with: Spa, Gym, Yoga Pavilion, Lessons in Tai Chi, Pilates and dance. Meditation and juice therapy is offered too.


  • Nature tours of the Celestun Biosphere Reserve
  • Kayaking in Celestún’s Saltflats
  • Oxkintok, Calcehtok caves & Cenote
  • Uxmal & Kabah
  • Birdwatching in Chunchucmil
  • Offshore fishing
  • Moonlight Safari
  • Mangrove Adventure
  • Cooking lessons
  • Bicycle circuits

A simple complex of 32 thatch cabanas sit on a solitary stretch of virgin beach in the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, just 90 minutes east of Merida.

Specialising in seclusion and wellness in this isolated spot, Xixim is a wonderful place to disappear to and enjoy their huge variety of activities and a unique location in a protected biosphere to unwind. Created into a reserve due to it being a favored spot for many species of migratory birds, this is also the favored habitat of sea turtles, jaguars and other mammals.

The cabanas are stylishly simple with a barefoot feel and a good team of staff to assist you and let you know what activities are offered and might suit your type of stay. From yoga in the mornings, nutritional programs, spa treatments and a very large menu of guided excursions, Xixim would be the perfect fit for those that want to get off the beaten path, recharge and relax in some extraordinary surroundings.

From Merida it’s just under two hour’s drive to Xixim.

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