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Luxury safaris in The Okavango Delta

The Iconic Botswana Safari

The Okavango Delta is rightly known as one of the premier wildlife habitats in the world, home to an enormous density and diversity of wildlife.
There’s something quite magical about the Delta, with its amazing sunsets, the sound of the frogs at night, and the elephants wading through the reeds, all combining to make an unforgettable stay.

One of nature's great spectacles, the flooding of the Delta, brings water from thousands of miles upstream on the Okavango river, arriving into Botswana in the dry season. Huge herds of animals flock to take advantage of the ready supply of water and nutrients, and their predators follow.

What's more, they've had the good sense to allow just a few camps in the Delta, meaning you're unlikely to see others during your game drives, adding to the feeling of a true wilderness.

Depending on the level of the water (and where you are based), one can also experience many different activities including the iconic ‘mokoro’ (a traditional dug-out canoe) ride through the reeds as the sun goes down or speed boat trips around the lagoons and channels.

When to go

June through to October are the best game viewing months as the climate is very dry and the water begins to recede, making the animals congregate in smaller areas. It can be quite hot in October though.

What to do

  • Game Drives
  • Mokoro trips
  • Boat trips
  • Fishing

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