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This Week’s Travel News – 6th October 2017

Check out what’s been going on in the travel world. This week: National Geographic open a virtual underwater experience in Times Square; the new Morukuru Beach Lodge will open in July next year on South Africa’s Whale Coast; the Univisas for Zambia and Zimbabwe will be available again as of next week; and American tourists return black sand souvenir to Iceland with an apology note.

National Geographic opens digital ocean space in Times Square

Today, National Geographic open their first entertainment venue. National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is located in Times Square, New York City, and is a digital rendering of underwater scenes using National Geographic photography and animation. The exhibit allows visitors to interact with some of the ‘wildlife’, for instance, using hand motions to encourage sea lions to perform flips – without actually involving any real animals. Tickets cost US$39 per adult and US$32.50 for children, and the experience lasts about 90 minutes. – Source: travelweekly.com

National Geographic Encounter
National Geographic Encounter is now open in Times Square. Image credit: National Geographic Encounter.

New Morukuru Beach Lodge to open next July

Morukuru Beach Lodge – sister property to Morukuru Ocean House – will open on 7th July 2018. Both Morukuru properties are located in De Hoop Nature Reserve, on South Africa’s Whale Coast, about three hours from Cape Town. Unlike Ocean House, Beach Lodge will not be for exclusive use and guests can book one of the five suites. Bookings open for Morukuru Beach Lodge on 16th October. – Source: morukuru.com.

South Africa - Whale Watching
Whale watching is one of the most popular things to do in this area of South Africa.

Univisa stickers are available for Zimbabwe/Zambia visas

The stickers required for the KAZA Univisa – which allows the traveller access to both Zimbabwe and Zambia, plus day trips into Botswana, on one visa – have been sent out to all ports of entry in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Back in August, the stickers required for the visa ran out, meaning travellers had to buy individual visas for both countries. Authorities say that the Univisa will be available again by next week. – Source: tourismupdate.co.za.

Victoria Falls Zambia
Victoria Falls straddles Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Tourists return sand and pebble to Iceland with an apology note

An American mother and her 11-year-old daughter returned sand and a pebble they’d taken from Iceland with a note of apology. They’d taken the sand and stone from one of Iceland’s black-sand beaches, Reynisfjara, but had felt so guilty after learning “that it’s not allowed to take anything from the beach or natural grounds” that they returned it by post to Iceland. In the note, they requested Iceland’s Tourism Board “kindly return them back out to nature for us.” – Source: lonelyplanet.com.

The tourists returned the sand and pebble with a note.
The tourists returned the sand and pebble with a note. Image credit: Icelandic Tourism Board.

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