Here’s what you might have missed over the past seven days. This week: David Attenborough will return to our screens for Blue Planet II in the autumn; Norwegian Airlines announce super-budget fares across the Atlantic; the first permanent riding stables open in the Maasai Mara; new direct flights are scheduled from Nairobi to Victoria Falls; Thomas Cook increases the frequency of its London Gatwick to Cape Town route; Mozambique will offer 30-day tourist visas to all visitors; and a small restaurant in France was overwhelmed with customers after the Michelin Guide accidentally awarded them a star.

Blue Planet II will air later this year

After the huge success of the BBC’s Planet Earth II, which was watched by an average of 10.15 million people, the channel has confirmed that the sequel to the award-winning Blue Planet will air in the autumn on BBC One in the UK. Sir David Attenborough, back as the narrator, revealed that the crew had spent four years filming for the seven-part series. – Source:

Whales off the coast of South Africa.

Norwegian Airlines will fly across the Atlantic for as little as $86 one-way

Norwegian Airlines has launched ten new routes from Scotland and Ireland to the US, with fares starting at £69 ($86) for a one-way ticket. The non-stop routes fly from airports with low landing charges, allowing the airline to offer such cheap fares. The flights will touch down in similarly small airports in New York state, Rhode Island and Connecticut. – Source:

Looking over the buildings and roofs of Edinburgh Old Town towards Edinburgh Castle from Calton Hill as the sun sets.
Edinburgh is one of the cities from which Norwegian will fly to the US.

Great Plains Conservation open first permanent stables in the Maasai Mara

Great Plains Conservation announce the opening of the first permanent riding stables in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.  The stables and the 16 horses will be available to anyone staying in the the Mara Conservancies or the Maasai Mara National Reserve, providing they are over 14 years old and are competent riders. Guided rides will be available in the morning and afternoon for US$250 per ride. – Source: Great Plains Conservation.

Kenya Airways will fly direct from Nairobi to Victoria Falls

Kenya Airways will fly direct Nairobi, Kenya to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe three times a week from 18th May 2017. Flights are scheduled for Monday, Thursday and Saturday. This route is also linked to Cape Town, with Kenya Airways being the only airline to fly direct between Victoria Falls and Cape Town. – Source:

The Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls.

More flights between London Gatwick and Cape Town

Thomas Cook will run four flights a week between London Gatwick and Cape Town over the next summer season. The new flights will operate from 15th December 2017 and 23rd March 2018 and have increased due to popularity of the route. – Source:

Mozambique announces a 30-day tourism visa for all visitors

Mozambique border posts equipped for biometric visas can now issue 30-day tourism visas for all visitors, it has been announced. These posts were technically already issuing 30-day visas, but there was a lot of confusion surrounding who was eligible. The new announcement clarifies the visa rules. There are 44 borders able to issue the 30-day visas, including Maputo Airport. – Source:

Vamizi Island, Mozambique.

A French restaurant has been swamped after accidentally being awarded a Michelin star

A small, inexpensive restaurant named Bouche a Oreille in Bourges, France has been inundated with diners after the Michelin Guide mistook it for another restaurant with the same name. The error was corrected after a week. The star was meant to have been awarded to Bouche a Oreille near Paris, some 180 kilometres (110 miles) to the north, but Chef Aymeric Dreux, who was first awarded a star in 2015, was not put out by the mistake, saying ‘the whole thing made us laugh’. – Source: