We round up some of the top travel stories from the past seven days. This week: South African truckers save an orphaned baby elephant in Botswana; Malta’s famous Azure Window collapses into the sea; a new art app launches at major art museums such as the Louvre; and a notorious ivory trafficker is sentenced to 12 years in prison in Tanzania.

South African truckers save three-week-old orphan elephant

Three South African truckers saved a three-week-old baby elephant they spotted whilst driving to Nata, Botswana. As they drove, the tiny elephant ran out of the bushes, having seemingly been abandoned by her herd or lost. When the truckers realised she was alone and badly in need of water and care, they fed her and took the time to search for her herd, but to no avail. She is now in the care of Elephants Without Borders who will look after her until she can be released back into the wild. – Source: goodthingsguy.com.

Elephant orphan.
The three-week-old orphaned elephant. Image copyright Carlos Santos/Johan Groenewald/Pieter Roussow.

Malta’s famous Azure Window arch collapses

Malta’s famous Azure Window limestone arch – known locally as Tieqa tad-Dwejra – and the stacks on either side of it have collapsed into the sea following storms that battered the Gozo coast. The Maltese prime minister, Joseph Muscat, tweeted a photo of the site after the storm with the note: ‘The site from where one could admire it-Tieqa tad-Dwejra. Heartbreaking.’ The scenic arch was featured in the TV series Games of Thrones and is a popular cliff-jumping location. – Source: telegraph.co.uk.

The Azure Window, Malta.
The Azure Window, Malta, before the storms.

Art app to launch at major art museums including the Louvre

A new app that will allow guests to scan an artwork with their smartphone to instantly gain access to the background of the piece will launch at several major art museums, including Paris‘ Louvre and the Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. The app is called Smartify and has similarities to the music app Shazam. – Source: lonelyplanet.com.


Tanzania sentences notorious elephant poacher to 12 years in prison

Tanzania’s ivory trafficking boss Boniface Matthew Maliango has been sentenced to 12 years in prison following a year-long manhunt and his eventual arrest in 2015. Maliango is said to be responsible for the killings of thousands of elephants, having been in charge of a network of ivory traffickers across Tanzania, southern Kenya, Burundi, Zambia and Mozambique. His brothers, Lucas Mathayo Maliango and Abdallah Ally Chaoga, were also charged. The three were arrested after being caught smuggling elephant tusks worth over $850,000. – Source: bbc.com.

Elephant tusks.
The ivory trade is fuelled largely by the Chinese market.