Three ages of Greek beauty

A Jacada Travel Photo Journal
Written by
Melania Siriu

Three ages of beauty: disarmingly unaware, vertiginous, and simply elegant. You can find it all in this journey to three of the most enchanting Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.


Santorini knows it and plays with it: it’s stunning like no other. You see it and you wish you could contain it all in your eyes: that endless horizon, blue on blue, those islets dancing in circle in the Caldera, the white houses sculpted in the volcanic cliffs. Of course it’s popular, as the whole world heard about it and needs to see it. You won’t have it all to yourself but you will be thrilled to have your precious moment and, I guarantee, you will wish that it could last forever.


A private sunset cruise is a must here: the volcanic rocks reflect into the cobalt water and suddenly the sea is ignited with purples and golds. But there’s so much more than insane views: discover how exceptional white grapes grow in this perpetually sunny land and visit the site of Akrotiri where the Minoan civilization arose from the volcanic ashes like a Greek legend…


We arrived to the little harbour and Folegandros was there, immersed in its breezy, mysterious, sophisticated stillness. Not a single tree, just amber hills of granite rocks surrounded by emerald bays. (Where are the noisy crowds? Please don’t let them find out!)


In this island, natural pools are framed by huge, candid, marble rocks: I saw them from the boat and I couldn’t help swimming to touch them: smooth, fresh, shining, like marine Davids!

Chora is the main town and it’s also one of the most enchanting you will ever see. Incredibly well-maintained and all built with the original local stone, it’s a pleasure for your eyes in every corner. Imperfections are sublimated in this original architecture: the uneven walls blend with the Venetian remains, the soft edges of the houses and the gentle arches are such a warm vision, instantly approachable, beautifully reassuring. No need to be polished when you can be proudly authentic.


Another glorious sunset before we leave Folegandros. I felt at home, safe and cuddled by this generous island. Before you go make sure you try the famous scoop dessert of yogurt and rose petals jam. … The nectar of the Gods must have been invented here.



Milos hasn’t changed; travellers haven’t contaminated its genuine charm. By the fishermen houses of the village of Klima, in the towns of Pollonia and Adamantas, time passes playfully and distracted. Isn’t that the pure essence of a holiday?

Milos’ beauty is genuine, raw, dramatic; it’s everywhere and disarming. The coastline is exciting to explore with 75 beaches, and its minerals wealth makes it a colorful discovery!

To me, this island is about feeling great: you can jump on a boat, eat exceptionally, hike to reach secret sparkling coves, relax in the shade of its pinewoods, spend quality time with your loved ones and find yourself. Maybe I’ll be back to reality tomorrow but now I’m in Milos.


If you'd like to follow in Mel's footsteps and visit the small and charming islands of Santorini, Folegandros and Milos, get in touch with us today.