Photo Journal: Epic Adventure into Antarctica

This journey into the frozen wonderland of Antarctica has to be one of the best trips, if not the best, I have ever been on and as someone who has lived and breathed travel for a very long time that is saying something. From snowshoeing across this final frontier with friendly penguins to seeing a minke whale up close, every part of this journey was remarkable. Here are just a few of my favourite moments.

Antarctica boat cruise

This is one way to break the ice, Russian style. November is a time where there is still a lot of ice around the peninsula. Peeking over the deck of the Ioffe as we crunched through it was a real treat.

Antarctica hut

Glenn, our resident historian, gives the all clear to enter after examining this perfectly preserved hut near to Port Lockroy.

snowshoeing in Antarctica


Snowshoeing was a great way to stretch the legs each day. Sunny weather, with penguins for company is the recipe for a perfect Antarctica morning.

Antarctica penguins

Sunset in Antarctica - cruise

A highlight was getting to spend a night camping on the ice. Sunrise was made even more special with a Weddell seal gliding past, and two penguins coming to say good morning.

Minke whale on Antarctica cruise

Minke whale Antarctica cruise

A curious minke whale was very keen to check us out and pose for a photo. Although minkes are traditionally shy, this one spent 40 minutes with us. Whether in a kayak or a zodiac, this was one of many very special wildlife experiences on the expedition.