Nicaragua – What to Bring

Our list of what to bring to Nicaragua. If you have any other questions, please contact your travel designer or concierge.

It is worth bringing any medication you may need from home, as well as sanitary wear for women. We also advise bringing a photocopy of your passport and carrying it with you, as it is a legal requirement in Latin America and you may need it when using credit cards.

General packing list

A daypack or small backpack – a cover for your backpack is useful to protect it from the rain
Tennis shoes or light hiking boots
Flip flops
Rain jacket
Long sleeved tops
Lightweight windbreaker
Bathing suit and towel
Water bottle
Hat for sun protection
Bug spray
Anti-itch ointment
Hand sanitiser
Flashlight or head torch
Plastic bags for wet clothes/shoes
Ear plugs
Money belt