The JT Insider Food Guide: Lima, Peru

Plan with peace of mind

World acclaimed chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino of restaurant Malabar tells us where to eat in the Peruvian Capital and what’s on the horizon for the nation’s cuisine.



Why Peruvian cuisine?

‘As a biodiverse country with an ancient culture, Peru has developed its own unique cuisine and use of ingredients, which fuses with the colonisation and migration of different cultures to result in great food. People here learn to cook at home and are influenced by their relatives, especially their mum or grandma, so we follow the way they cook, then try to create our own recipes.’

Three to try

‘Go for the ceviche at restaurant Costanera 700, the street food anticuchos [grilled skewered meat] at Anticuchería Doña Pochita in Lince, and finally cuy chactado [the typical way to eat guinea pig] at the restaurant El Tarwi.’

Costanera 700, Avenida del Ejercito 421, Miraflores. Anticuchería Doña Pochita, Avenida Ignacio Merino, 2316-2359-2361, 14 Lince. El Tarwi, Avenida San Eugenio 961, Santa Catalina, La Victoria.

Where you’d take a friend

‘I’d go to Costanera 700. It’s a good product with a good flavour and a family behind it.’

Costanera 700, Avenida del Ejercito 421, Miraflores.


Foodie neighbourhood

‘Go to Miraflores where there are more restaurants to choose from, for all different budgets.’

Authentically local dining experience

‘Try La Picantería with chef Hector Solis [who carries on his birthright tradition of northern Peruvian Mochica tribal cuisine].’

La Picantería, Francisco Moreno 388 Esquina con Gonzales Prada Surquillo.

A lazy Sunday hangout

‘Go to Café Bisetti in Barranco for the city’s best coffee.’

Tostaduría Bisetti, Pedro de Osma 116, Barranco.


Latest food trend

‘There is a tendency at the moment for fusion and novoandina [traditional ingredients with modern techniques] cuisine.’

What’s next for the Peruvian culinary revolution

‘We still have a lot to do. We need to work on the different regional cuisines and their products. Everything we do in the future has to be done in a sustainable way.’

A chef worth checking out

‘The Sato family [originally from Japan] of Costanera 700, as well as Monica Kisic [biologist turned innovative chef] of IK.’

Costanera 700, Avenida del Ejercito 421, Miraflores. IK, Elias Aguirre 179, Miraflores.


Pedro Miguel Schiaffino is the chef behind restaurant Malabar, named one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in the 2014 San Pellegrino Awards, and is best known for his exciting fusion of Amazonian ingredients with innovative modern techniques. Schiaffano also created the menu onboard the Aria Amazon Cruise.