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Jacada Travel Designers' destination dream list

Written by
Jobi Chan, Kit Wong & Joyce Choi


India is one of the oldest civilisations that has cultivated and preserved its culture for centuries. Home to some of the world’s most practiced religions over hundreds of dialects, there is unique beauty in every corner of this vastly distinct country. Although India can be a bit of a hectic city, there are exceptionally tranquil areas that evoke serenity and peace of mind”. – Joyce Choi

Australia & Tasmania

“There is always an influx of amazing activities to be found when visiting Australia and Tasmania. The Australian food scene is remarkable, and Melbourne is exploding right at the centre of it. Positioned in the far south-west corner of Western Australia, where rolling vineyards sit against a backdrop of ocean and forest, Margaret River is another place I yearn to visit, given my love for wine. Down south in Tasmania, at the Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mersey Valley, a highlight for me would be the exotic native animals including kangaroos, wombats, wallabies, bandicoot and the infamous Tasmanian devil”. – Joyce Choi

Antarctica & South Georgia & Falklands

“After getting a taste of the fly-in cruise last December, Antarctica will always hold a place in my heart. Next time around, ice diving and camping under the stars will be a priority for me. After observing the penguins in Antarctica, I have developed a passion for them. To expand my knowledge on the fascinating and adorable species, I hope to venture to South Georgia and Falklands to view a wider range such as the King penguin, the Rock-Hopper penguin and the Macaroni penguin”. – Jobi Chan


“Easter week in Guatemala will be the perfect time for me to visit. A Spanish tradition, Semana Santa, also known as Holy Week, paints the streets of Antigua in colourful alfombras (intricately-designed carpets) and lavish floats. This culturally immersive experience has been on my bucket list for a while now. Historical artifacts are especially enticing for me, so the Tikal, an ancient Mayan citadel along with camping overnight near the incredible ruins of Uaxactún is another thing on my must-do list. With its nocturnal creatures and mesmerizing landscapes, I wish to explore this intriguing site more than anything (for right now at least)”. – Jobi Chan




“Safaris have been some of the best experiences of my life. Having completed a wide range of all levels – South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe — the famous Botswana safaris are at the very top of my wish list. Famed for its wildlife, unprecedented landscapes and unique ecosystem, from wetlands to the desert such as the Kalahari and Okavango Delta, Botswana features the most amazing variety of natural beauty. As an added bonus, the country also has one of the best sustainable tourism policies. Botswana really has a lot to offer to the world; it would be an invaluable experience to explore one day”. – Kit Wong

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small country, but despite this, there are a wide range of activities that appeals to every traveller. From leopard encounters to tea plantations and Buddhist temples, Sri Lanka is exploding with things to see. To embrace the local lifestyle, take a stroll through charming coastal towns and stay at beautiful hotels with exquisite service. Many years ago, I travelled to Sri Lanka to visit a friend. Though my trip was short and sweet, I have nothing but good memories that linger to this day. From the sweet aromas of coconut to exquisite fresh crab, I have always had a strong desire to go back”. – Kit Wong

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