Jacada Photo Journal: Winter in Iceland

Jacada’s travel experts, George and Byron, have been to Iceland on a number of occasions, but this was their first time exploring the remote, wintry Icelandic highlands. From the northern lights to Arctic foxes, these are just a few of the sights they experienced in the land of fire and ice.

Reykjavík, Iceland's cool capital.
Reykjavík, Iceland’s cool capital.

“An icy sunrise over Reykjavík, where we started our trip. One of the coolest capital cities, this shot was taken from the Tower Suites – one of few tall buildings in the city.”

Beach, Iceland.
One of Iceland’s black-sand beaches.

“No trip to Iceland is complete without a day at the beach. The black volcanic sand of the south coast takes some getting used to! In the distant background are the Westman Islands, which make an awesome day trip by ferry. Next stop: the Icelandic highlands.”

Super jeep, Iceland.
A super jeep: the best way to travel around Iceland.

“The super jeep is the most practical – and the most fun – way to explore Iceland. So much of the beauty of this country is off-road, in the interior. Having the larger off-road wheels and the snorkel allows you to reach special areas not accessible by the tour buses or even the folks self-driving.”

Icelandic horses.
Icelandic horses: a unique breed originally brought over to Iceland by the Vikings.

Icelandic horses are some of the most handsome on the planet. This hardy breed can withstand the snow and ice of an Arctic winter – and they are the only horse in the world with five gaits.”

Arctic fox, Iceland.
A rare Arctic fox sighting.

“Seeing the rare Arctic fox was a highlight of this trip. It’s the only land mammal native to Iceland. They are usually shy, but this one was quite happy to pose. We spotted it in the hiking hot-spot of Thorsmork Canyon.”

Northern lights, Iceland.
George in front of the northern lights.

The aurora borealis: the most special way to cap off a day spent hiking, snowmobiling and soaking in thermal springs. Just out of shot is the mountain barbecue we had in the snow. On the menu: hot dogs and Icelandic craft beer.

Though George and Byron visited Iceland in the winter, you can travel at any time of the year. Get in touch to start planning your own Icelandic adventure.