Jacada Photo Journal: Tasmania

Plan with peace of mind

My penultimate stop on this epic trip around Australia was in the island state of Tasmania, off the south coast. I got to visit the beautiful coastal capital of Hobart and the picturesque Freycinet National Park.

In Hobart, I visited the fascinating MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). It is a place that pushes the boundaries of normal art galleries but if you visit with an open mind then it can be a very enjoyable experience, not least because you can jump around on a trampoline and call it art!

MONA also has a winery on site and I went on a winery tour, which I always find really interesting. I worked in a winery myself in New Zealand, so I have a real passion for wine. I tried several of their premium wines as well as some of the wine still being made in the barrels. They were all delicious!

From Hobart, I travelled north towards the mountainous and coastal area of Freycinet National Park. Walking into the lobby of Saffire, the lodge I stayed in, I was greeted by this beautiful view. Although taken on a cloudy day, the Hazard Mountains are still a spectacular sight to behold in the distance.  

One of the tours offered by Saffire is a walk to the lookout over Wineglass Bay. There are several walks you can choose from, ranging from forty minutes to four hours – perfect for any level of hiker.

This cute wallaby was hanging around the Wineglass Bay lookout. Unfortunately he has been fed too often by people so he is a lot more tame than he should be, and quite the poser!

Another tour offered is visiting a nearby mussel farm. We pulled on our waders and walked out to a table set up in the middle of the water, where our guide shucked the freshest oysters you could imagine. I’d highly recommend this experience even if you are not a big fan of oysters (which I am not!) as there will be a glass of champagne in it for you as well!

Saffire also has a Save the Tasmanian Devil sanctuary for retired breeding devils. They have six in total- five girls and one boy. Every couple of days they get fed and today was one of those days, I think this little girl was rather impatient for her dinner!

On my last day at Saffire, I woke up to this incredible scene of the Hazard Mountains. I took this picture out of my window – I think it is the best view of the trip.

This beach is a short five minute walk from the lodge and will take you all the way around to the small, pretty town of Coles Bay, with a population of only 250 people. It is a lovely walk and the perfect way to end my time in Tasmania.

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