Jacada Photo Journal: South Australia

The next part of my Australian Adventure was in South Australia. This is becoming a very popular destination for international travellers and has a lot to offer. For wine lovers there is the Barossa Valley, with some of Australia’s most famous wine producers. If you want a taste of the outback, the Flinders Ranges are a short flight or a four and half hour drive away. Then of course there is Kangaroo Island, which is the perfect place to spot some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife.

Having spent the night in Adelaide, I then jumped on a short 25 minute flight to Kangaroo Island. This is the best way to get to the island as the ferry takes a long time and it is a long drive from Adelaide.

My destination on Kangaroo Island was Southern Ocean Lodge, an hour’s drive from Kingscotte Airport. The lodge is perched on top of some rather dramatic coastline and you have panoramic views of the crashing waves from all parts of the property.

This is the view looking back on the lodge. It blends in beautifully to its surroundings and sits next to both the Flinders Chase and Cape Bouguer and Kelly Hill National Parks. All food and beverages are locally sourced from South Australia.

The lodge run various activities during the day for their guests. I joined a clifftop walk around to a peninsular where you can look back to the lodge. The coastline is stunning but it gets quite windy so don’t forget to pack some layers!  

The lodge runs a very popular evening activity called ‘Kangas and Kanapés’, where they take guests to the historic Grassdale area where early settlers lived. As the kangaroos and wallabies congregate around dusk to graze, you can sit back and enjoy the view with a glass of something cold, grown locally in the region.  

Kangaroo Island has a thriving population of koalas in the wild and we were very lucky to see some active ones running (yes, running!) around and sitting lower in the trees, posing for some great photos. Usually they are just a grey blob in the midst of the leaves!

Admirals Arch is one of Kangaroo Island’s most impressive and unusual natural landmarks. Over thousands of years, erosion of the rocks has created this natural arch. If you look closely you can spot some of the well-camouflaged colony of New Zealand fur seals that live in the area. There is a great boardwalk to take you down to here and the views are just spectacular.

The Remarkable Rocks are granite boulders formed over 500 million years by rain, wind and pounding waves. They sit in the heart of the Flinders Chase National Park and, as the name suggests, they really are remarkable. There are lots of different formations to choose from and you can even climb inside some of them!

Seal bay was my last stop before heading back to the airport. The benefit of having a guide with you is that you can get right down on to the beach to see these adorable creatures. It is home to approximately 1000 Australian Sea Lions, the third largest colony in the country.

The pups can be quite inquisitive and will often come to say hello!

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