Jacada Photo Journal: Mexico

Mexico is engulfed in stunning cultural and natural beauty, with Mayan remains scattered throughout and plenty of impressive wildlife. I took a trip to this captivating country and sampled some of its best features.

Ancient Mayan city of Uxmal

Dating back to A.D. 700, this was taken at the site of the Ancient Mayan city of Uxmal.  The Pyramid of the Magical was the prettiest structure I saw during the whole trip. This is an easy excursion to make from Merida and well worth a visit.


Central America is known for its cenotes, or natural sinkholes, with an estimated 6000 found in Mexico alone. Here we are quenching our thirst after a soak in Cenote Zaki, square in the centre of Valladolid. With an optional 10 metre jump into the natural pool, it’s a great place to cool off.


Inland from Tulum and carved out of the jungle surroundings, Coba was one of my favourite archaeological sights. The pyramid in the background made for a quick, fun ascent, rewarded with an awesome view at the top. Here, you can absorb the tropical atmosphere and explore the site at a leisurely pace on hire bikes.


Calakmul is one of the more remote Mayan sites Mexico has to offer. Right on the border with Guatemala, it takes some getting to. Those who reach it enjoy vast ancient remains, with a spectacular vista and very few other people around. As the site is so pristine and remote, it’s fantastic for spotting wildlife too.


Tacos, tacos, tacos! These traditional Mexican delights are a great way to sample the huge variety of delicious flavour combinations. We spent a great evening enjoying these with a cold beer and watching the sunset.


Hacienda Uayamon is an inspiring 18th Century colonial ranch transformed into a first class luxury hotel. The pool highlights the elegance with which they have combined both the past and the present to create character and luxury.

Another day, another Cenote. This was my favourite – Cenote Lol Ha. With impressive jumps of 12m, 11m and 10m it is not for the faint-hearted, but the tiny catfish inside make for some fun snorkelling. Not too far from Chichen-Itza, this huge pool is something of a hidden secret.


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