Jacada Photo Journal: Darwin

Plan with peace of mind

After a stay in Western Australia, the next stop on my Australian adventure was the beautiful area of Bamurru, an African-style luxury safari camp in the middle of a buffalo station. Located in the Northern Territories, it is either a two-and-a-half hour drive or 25 minute flight to get there from Darwin. 

We flew to Bamurru in the small aircraft, enjoying some spectacular views on the way. If you are able to, I would thoroughly recommend this option.

The flight takes you up over the coast, mottled with various shades of blue, and then further inland, over huge expanses of wetlands.

The safari tents at Bamurru are surrounded by wallabies and buffalo, especially in the mornings and evenings. This really is a great place for nature lovers.

The tents are made from a material that means you are not able to see in from the outside, but can see out almost perfectly from the inside, making you feel like you are actually sleeping among the animals.

There are a huge number of bird species around Bamurru. This picture was taken on our safari where we stopped to have drinks and canapes while the sun set over the wetlands.

The colours of the sunsets here are really spectacular. I took this picture standing next to my tent just before dinner, which is a communal affair. The food is wonderful and you all sit around a long table sharing stories of your travels.

Exploring the wetlands of Bamurru by airboat was exceptional fun – we stayed out for a few hours. Whilst we spotted lots of different, wonderful species of bird, we sadly didn’t encounter any crocodiles (this time)!

We were taken to a magical area referred to as KFC (Kingfisher Café) to have morning tea. It was the most beautiful and peaceful place, full of waterlilies and dragonflies.

These beautiful waterlilies were everywhere both purple and white. If you are really lucky you may even spot a bright pink one, but they are rare – we only spotted one in the whole vast expanse of wetlands!

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