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Jacada Photo Journal: Exploring Chile

Jobi Chan, our Hong Kong-based Latin America expert, recently went on a research trip exploring the dramatic landscapes of Chile. She shares some of her photos.

Easter Island
Jobi on Easter Island. Image credit: Jobi Chan.


Every time my clients ask where I recommend for the best landscapes in Latin America, my answer is always CHILE!

I never get tired of taking photos of the landscape and scenery – the only thing I worry about is my camera running out of battery.

This was my fourth time in Chile. Over three weeks, I visited the most amazing places, including Torres del Paine, the Atacama and the mysterious Easter Island.

Torres del Paine
Jobi in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

My highlight

The colours of Torres del Paine National Park are incredible. I took a window seat for my domestic flight from Santiago to Punta Arenas and I tried not to fall asleep so I didn’t miss the scenery. As we passed over the iconic granite towers from which the park takes its name and the horn-shaped peaks called Cuernos del Paine, the pilot announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Torres del Paine.” It’s probably the coolest announcement I have ever heard on a plane.

Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine from the air. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

The spectacular peaks, bright blue lagoon, glistening glaciers and dramatic granite towers all form a breathtaking scene from the air.

Torres del Paine

No one can claim they’ve been to Torres del Paine without a full day of hiking around the base of the Paine towers. During an eight-hour trek, I was able to take in the dramatic scenery that has earned this trek bucket list status.

Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

The colours of nature make for unforgettable memories: the incredible blue sky, the yellow and red leaves in the forest, the milky green lagoon right in front of the granite towers and the bright, shining glaciers.

Torres del Paine
Hiking in Patagonia. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

The Atacama

Flying from the southernmost point of Chile to the north, into the Atacama Desert, takes you to a place that looks unearthly with geysers, volcanoes, sand dunes, salt mountains, hot springs, flamingos and desert villages.

The Mars-like landscape of the Atacama. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

The sun is so intense and the air so dry that it seems like nothing could survive here. Despite, the harsh conditions, I still enjoyed trekking in the Moon Valley and mountain biking in Devil’s Ravine (Quebrada Del Diablo).

Mountain biking in the Atacama. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

The red-grey rocks and sand dunes remind me of chocolate ice cream and cake with frosting. Yummy!

Hiking in the Atacama. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands. I was fascinated by the mystery of Easter Island when I was a kid. I first visited over 15 years ago, so this was my second time on the island.

Easter Island
Easter Island. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

I believe the local Rapa Nui people are the best storytellers when it comes to the island’s history. Though this was my second time, I still found it so interesting to hear all the stories about the moai statues, from how they were made to how they were transported to the coast.

Easter Island
Moai statues at sunset. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

I am an ocean lover and going diving to see the underwater moai (though replicas) was a dream come true.

Easter Island
Diving off Easter Island. Image credit: Jobi Chan.

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