Jacada Photo Journal: Chile

Famous for its incredible landscapes, stunning scenery and varied adventure travelling, I was lucky enough to return to the wonderful country of Chile, accompanying Jobi on a research trip. Here are some of my favourite photos from our time there.

Starting in the capital of Santiago, this photo was taken from the tallest building in Latin America –  the Gran Torre Santiago. Offering staggering views that stretch for miles over the city, the Andes Mountains and the Coastal Range, this building is pretty impressive.


This photo was taken at the top of San Cristobal hill as the sun was setting, with the Gran Torre looming over the city. To the right is the imposing stretch of the Andes, leading up to the clouds.


From Santiago, we then travelled down to the stunning lake district of Chile: Pucon. I took this photo as we were immersed in an activity known as floating: drifting in dinghies to decompress after a long journey or hike. We floated on the serene crystal clear waters of the river behind our beautiful lodge – a perfect way to relax.


After hiking around Pucon, we ventured even further south, to Torres del Paine. We flew down to Punta Arenas and hopped in a jeep which took us across the fantastic national park. These three fabulous horses were more than happy to pose for the camera!


As we drove along, absorbing the incredible surroundings, I just managed to capture this unbelievable scene of a Patagonian gaucho ushering his horses along.


Arriving at the Torres del Paine National Park, this photo was captured from the back of the mountains as we started our walk. The snowy peaks and peaceful lakes are absolutely breathtaking in reality.


We trekked through Torres del Paine for eight hours, and these photos (with the pristine blue sky) were taken on the same day.  Along the hike, we learned a lot about the indigenous people of Chile and the history of the country, as well as the terrain.


These magnificent caracaras were captured overlooking their territory. A very cool place to call their home! Other animals to keep an eye out for are condors, parakeets, foxes, deer, puma, and many more.


Even after six nights in Torres del Paine, hiking round the Patagonian national park and stopping to rest at beautiful lodges, if felt like we had barely scratched the surface of this natural beauty. This was taken from my hotel as the sun was setting, casting a dusky pink glow over the park. I could have sat and watched the marshmallow clouds drift over the snow-capped mountains for eternity.


This photo, strongly resembling piled up Hershey’s kisses, was taken in the vast expanse of the Atacama desert.



The landscapes and rock formations in the Atacama Desert are extremely impressive. Here you can gaze at the endless supply of stars, absorb your surroundings whilst horse-trekking or take a sunset tour.


We took a sunrise tour of the desert in a gigantic hot air balloon. As it drifted over the plains, there was not a sound for miles other than that of the occasional bellow of the burner. The atmosphere felt otherworldly, almost like being on Mars.


A complete contrast to the infinite sprawling landscapes of Patagonia, we made a stop in the bustling, colourful industrial port of Valparaiso. Here, we went on a tour of the impressive sprawling street art that adorns most of the buildings. Once a crucial thoroughfare on the Panama Canal, the paintings reflect life in Chile and its turbulent history.


Homes, cafes and restaurants are happy to allow street artists to use their buildings as a canvas – thousands of people flock here to see the beautiful creations. A perfect ending to our two-week visit.


If Emily’s photo journal has inspired you to explore Chile and its varied regions, talk to one of our knowledgeable Latin America travel designers who can help you plan your perfect trip.