Italy FAQs

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Written by
Melania Siriu, Kate Herz, Murray Mitchell & Hanna Fischer

We've compiled our list of most frequently asked questions to help you get prepared before your big adventure to Italy. Please read through the questions, using the navigation bar on the left hand side of your page to move easily between the different sections.

Please note that requirements and advice can change so we do recommend you check in with your own travel insurer, doctor and relevant local embassies before embarking on your adventure.

Are there any entry requirements for Italy?



For US, Canadian and EU passport holders a visa is not required for stays of up to 90 days as Italy is part of the Schengen border free zone. A medical declaration is required for all passengers. 

Please note that requirements can change and we recommend that our guests contact the local embassy in the country where you live for the most recent and up to date information.


UK, US and Canadian passport holders will need more than 3 months left on your passport from your intended departure date. UK passport holders cannot travel if their passport is more than 10 years old, regardless of the expiry date. 

We will confirm certain elements of your trip such as domestic flights, permits or train tickets using your current passport details. If a member of your party changes their name in their passport after booking (for example, through marriage or adoption) this could mean having to reissue important parts of the trip at an extra cost and subject to availability.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, once your trip is confirmed it is essential that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover you in case anything unexpected happens. 

We always recommend that our guests get the maximum level of coverage that you feel comfortable investing in. Read more about travel insurance for US travellers here and for travellers from other countries here.

Do I need to visit a travel doctor before my trip?

No vaccinations are required for travel to any of Italy, Sicily or Sardinia. We do recommend that you see your doctor or medical practitioner to discuss your itinerary and international travel arrangements to hear any recommendations or advice they may have.

What do I need to know about my regional flights?

Flights within Europe are usually with standard commercial airlines and airports are generally large and easy to transit. Two hours is the recommended time needed before check in for European flights. Most airlines will allow seat selection up to 48 hours prior to departure although seats are subject to change on most airlines.

What will I receive from Jacada before I depart?


Travel pack

Before you head off on your adventure you will be sent a travel pack. The travel pack is full of great information and is also a beautiful keepsake. It is not necessary to travel with vouchers or confirmations on your trip but we do recommend having a printed copy of your travel itinerary to hand when you arrive into Italy. 

Bon Voyage email

Around 2 weeks before you depart we will email you an electronic version of your travel pack including your domestic flight tickets. Once you’ve received this email your Travel Designer will reach out to arrange a time for you to talk on the phone to go over any last minute questions and talk you through the information we’ve sent over.

Do I need to bring the local currency?

The currency in Italy is the Euro and no other currency will be accepted. ATMs are generally easy to find (they will often charge a small fee for withdrawals) and credit cards are accepted widely in the main cities and larger shops and restaurants.

Can you tell me about tipping and etiquette in Italy?

Tipping is generally not expected in Italy and is usually only reserved for genuinely excellent service. Tipping is not typically expected in a bar or taxi, although it is becoming increasingly common to round up to the nearest Euro. Tipping a tour guide is more common and you can tip as much as you feel is appropriate, you can find our rough guide below, amounts given in Euros.  

  • Restaurants: 10% of the total bill (cash only)
  • Luggage: €1 per piece
  • Room service waiter: 10% of the meal cost
  • Chambermaid: €1 a day
  • Hotel bar: 5-10%
  • Local Bar: round up to nearest Euro
  • Private transfers: €10 to the driver 
  • Private car and driver: €20 to the driver half day / €30 full day 
  • Guided tour: €25 to the guide half day / €40 full day 
  • Full time driver: €50 per day to the driver 

When thinking about etiquette in Italy it’s worth remembering that if you enter a church you must have your knees and shoulders covered and you must wear shoes. Churches are very sacred and these rules are non negotiable.

What’s the weather like and how should I pack?

Italy follows a classic mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and cool winters that do see some rain. 

Peak season is June to September and at this time you can expect hot, humid sunny days and mild evenings. Shoulder season is April to June and October when you can get warm, generally sunny days but cool evenings. In winter you can get more rain and much coolder temperatures, with the north of the country much cooler on average than the south.

Should I make restaurant reservations?

We highly recommend that you make restaurant reservations in advance of your trip. Once your trip is confirmed you will be introduced to your concierge who will be able to assist you in not only making the reservations but also  making  recommendations based on your preferences.

What’s the transport like?

Taxis are easy to find in the cities and commonly used. Hotels and restaurants will be happy to help you flag down a taxi. Trains are easy to use both within cities and for day trips out of the city, and generally reasonably prompt. We don’t recommend taking buses in cities.

How can I keep connected on my trip?

Italy uses the standard European plugs C, F or L. Wifi is generally easy to find in hotels, cafes and major restaurants. Cell phone coverage can be a little patchy in remote areas. It’s recommended to speak with your cell phone provider to ask about roaming charges.

Please contact your Jacada travel designer or concierge before your trip with any further questions.