General FAQs

Written by
Kate Herz, Jennifer Richt, Rachel O'Leary & Jody van Merode

Published on: October 21st, 2012

Last modified: November 2nd, 2023

We've compiled our list of most frequently asked general questions to help you get prepared before your big adventure. There are also detailed country specific FAQ sheets available, which your travel designer or concierge will be happy to share with you. Please read through the questions, using the navigation bar on the left hand side of your page to move easily between the different sections.

Please note that requirements and advice can change so we do recommend you check in with your own travel insurer, doctor and relevant local embassies before embarking on your adventure.

What will I receive from Jacada before I depart?

Travel pack

Before you head off on your adventure you will be sent a travel pack. The travel pack is full of great information and is also a beautiful keepsake. It is not necessary to travel with vouchers or confirmations on your trip but we do recommend having a printed copy of your travel itinerary to hand.

Bon Voyage Call

Around 2 weeks before you depart we will email you an electronic version of your travel pack including your domestic flight tickets. Once you’ve received this email your Travel Designer will reach out to arrange a time for you to talk on the phone to go over any last minute questions and talk you through the information we’ve sent over.

What about hotel vouchers?

Most of our trips won’t require you to travel with vouchers, however, there are some exceptions. In those countries where we do operate with a voucher scheme, they are provided to you on arrival into the country. This will ensure that they are not mislaid or left at home.

What tickets do I need to bring with me?

All flights are booked as e tickets and these will be emailed to you before departure. It might be recommended that you check-in online for your flights, your travel designer or concierge will let you know if this is the case for your trip. It can sometimes be handy to print your e-tickets before departure.

Please see your e-ticket confirmation slip or personal itinerary for all the details on your flights, remembering that schedules and information can change and that we will keep you updated should changes occur.

Should I take out travel insurance before my trip?

Yes, once your trip is confirmed it is essential that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover you in case anything unexpected happens. 

We always recommend that our guests get the maximum level of coverage that you feel comfortable investing in. Read more about travel insurance for US travellers here and for travellers from other countries here.

Should I plan to visit a travel doctor before my trip?

Yes, regardless of where you are travelling to, we do recommend you see your doctor and/or a specialist travel doctor. Some itineraries and countries will require vaccinations and anti-malarial medication, which might need to be arranged well in advance of departure, so be sure to leave enough time. It can also be recommended to discuss your international travel plans with a doctor who knows your medical history.

Will you make my restaurant reservations?

Yes, we will help you make your reservations. We highly recommend that you make restaurant reservations in advance of your trip, particularly if you’re travelling over the holidays, during any festivities or if you’re a large group. Once your trip is confirmed you will be introduced to your concierge who will be able to assist you in not only making the reservations but also  making  recommendations based on your preferences.

Please contact your Jacada travel designer or concierge before your trip with any further questions