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From School to Summer: The Six Best Family Holiday Destinations

Written by
Nancy Wong

As the school year comes to an end, surprise your kids by picking them up from school the moment that final bell rings and whisking them away to a carefree, fun-filled adventure. Whether you are departing from Europe, North America or Australasia, jet set to one of these nearby destinations for the perfect summer holiday.

Departing From Europe

Croatia & Slovenia

For those looking for a getaway in Europe, hop on a short flight and explore the Adriatic coast of Croatia’s seaside cities, fairytale castles, and lakes of beautiful Slovenia. In Croatia, families will love a private sea kayaking tour of Lokrum Island, where a private guide will take you to St. Jacob’s beach where you and your family will unearth undiscovered caves, tucked-away beaches and walk through the Island’s beautiful botanical garden. For sundowners, while the kids are building sandcastles on the beach, enjoy a drink at the local island bar before departing back to your hotel.

After exploring Croatia, take a short drive to its neighbour, Slovenia where you’ll find the gorgeous Lake Bled nestled in the snow-capped Julian Alps, just an hour outside of Slovenia’s capital city. Breathe in the fresh air as you and your family take a ride on a pletna boat – a huge gondola-type rowboat – while marvelling at the panoramic sights around you.


Blessed with magical landscapes and a distinct identity, visit the charming coastal regions of Scotland with your very own private guide. In the Scottish Lowlands, fishing, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking through forest trails are all popular activities for families looking for an active and fun way to explore the land. For fathers especially, some of the world’s most famous golf courses can be found here as well.

Departing From North America

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

Journey to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands to experience the perfect combination of wildlife and culture. In Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, get a taste of the lively market of San Francisco (yes, like the state of California), and feast your eyes on crafty artisans at work. Don’t forget to check out the art of chocolate-making from a Swiss-Ecuadorian confectioner family. After exploring the cityscape, board onto a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Wou and your family will experience dense marine wildlife through activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and diving, or venture through nature trails on various islands where you’ll walk among the Island’s famous gigantic tortoises.


Take a short trip south and enter the dynamic world of South America and experience the vibrant country of Brazil. From Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls and the beaches of Costa Verde, there is a great mixture of beaches, nature and action-packed activities that will entertain your entire family from start to finish. Not to mention, everything is in close proximity to one another, keeping travelling to a minimum. A must-do for families is the Gran Aventura boat ride. Your guide will bring you and your family to the base of Iguassu Falls in a special high-powered Zodiac boat, getting you in direct, up-close-and-personal (and very wet) contact with the magnificent waters. The whirlpools and waves created by the mighty Falls give this already-incredible boat ride even more added fun!

Departing From Australasia


Just a short five-hour flight from major cities, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Fiji is basically a neighbour to Australia. As temperatures start to cool down in the summertime, escape to Fiji for an all-year-round tropical paradise. The two islands – Yasawa and Tokoriki – are both perfect stomping grounds for families who love to explore newfound territory. Kayak, paddle and snorkel your way through the warm waters and find yourself surfacing onto untouched beaches. Or indulge in other offerings such as native village visits, guided walks through rustic terrain and fishing with the local experts.

Komodo Island

When visiting Komodo, the best way to see the beauty of the region in its entirety is by boat. Hop aboard a private yacht with your family and embark on a sailing expedition around Komodo Island. Spend your days and nights cruising between lush, green islands, stopping to swim through clear, warm waters and digging your toes into powder-soft sand. Don’t forget to visit Komodo National Park where you can feast your eyes on the legendary Komodo Dragon, the largest living lizard in the world.

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