Antarctica XXI Fly Cruise: FAQs

Congratulations, you’ll be heading down to the Frozen Planet. A part of the world covered by 95% ice, it promises to be a magical time down there.

Here are some frequently asked questions about travel to Antarctica. If you have any other questions, please contact your travel designer or concierge.

What should I pack?

It is important to pack layers. Wicking fabric is highly recommended for the base layer with a waterproof exterior layer including waterproof trousers as most landings are wet landings. This will ensure you stay dry and warm during your time off the ship. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Remember that rubber expedition boots will be provided for you, before you arrive in Antarctica.

On board, you can dress casually, and remember to pack anti-slip shoes as the deck can get a little wet. A detailed packing list will be provided in your travel pack.

Do I need to get a visa?

Although no visa is required for Antarctica, do please be mindful of the visas and entry fees for your country of embarkation, either Chile or Argentina or both if you’re taking an Antarctic Express voyage.

Can I pre-book preferred seats on the flights?

For your extra comfort you can purchase a limited number of Preferred Seats on their Antarctica flight. Preferred Seats offer a guaranteed aisle or window seat at the front of the aircraft (guaranteed empty middle seat), priority boarding in Punta Arenas, and an amenities kit.

Are there additional adventure activities available?

Please speak with your concierge or travel designer if you’d be interested in booking onto extra activities such as Sea Kayaking or Snowshoeing. Spaces are often limited, and are not available on every departure.

What is the baggage allowance for the flights to/from Antarctica?

The maximum luggage weight allowed on flights to and from Antarctica is 20 kg / 44 lbs per passenger, including hand luggage.

Luggage will be weighed, and for trips starting and ending in Punta Arenas, luggage exceeding this weight limit can be left in custody with the cruise operator. If you are booked on an Antarctic Express departure luggage can flown to the disembarkation port at an additional cost.

Do I need to take out insurance?

Yes. All passengers must be adequately covered by a travel insurance policy that includes aero-medical evacuation from Antarctica.

What happens if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather?

The cruise operator will outline the full details of the contingency plan in your travel pack in the case of poor weather meaning it is not safe to fly. Please make sure you review and understand these details before you travel.