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Tess van der Walt

Travel Designer

I was fortunate to grow up in South Africa, with parents who had travelled extensively in Europe and Africa. Their stories ignited a passion for travel and by the age of 20 I left South Africa for London, and lived there for many years. My memories of family time on exciting road trips, on the beach and on safari, inspired me to travel in Africa as an adult, from the East to the South. Now, based in our office in Cape Town, I enjoy being able to share my local experiences, from hiking Lions Head to an amazing winery discovered on the weekend, to a newly opened safari lodge. Last year I travelled to Morocco and was fascinated by their ancient Arabic culture and imperial cities, such a contrast to the Africa that I know, down here in the South.

I love my job as getting to share my passion for travel and to add value, gives me a lot of joy. There are not many jobs where you can say that you made an impact positively, not just with a truly memorable trip; but also by directly affecting change in a positive way by booking tours with responsible guides and safari’s, with companies who totally support conservation of the environment and wildlife. In some small way, it’s nice to know that we can make a difference together.


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