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Jess Tang

Travel Designer

I am a seeker. From early childhood I have had an insatiable curiosity about the world at large. Fascinated by faces and places from my grandmother’s stamp collection, I insisted travelling as an unaccompanied minor by eight, cultivated my independent nature by studying abroad in Massachusetts, and spent a year overlooking the Seine in Paris, serving as an excellent hub for European exploration. Like a sponge, I absorb it all, and like a chameleon, I assimilate.

Always keen to step out of my comfort zone (I am somewhat of an adrenaline junkie), I have skydived 15,000 feet over Adelaide’s mineral flats, risen to Red Howler Monkeys deep in Manu’s jungle, glided alongside a Dugong during a drift dive in Komodo, floated weightlessly in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the mercy of the elements in Sardegna, savoured coconut-infused curry meals in Kerala off a banana leaf, witnessed absolute eerie silence in the Swedish countryside … recounting these treasured memories transports me back immediately.

In exploring trails by foot, speaking to strangers from all walks of life, and immersing myself in every adventure, I would love to share my uninhibited view of the world with you, and be a catalyst to plan yours!

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“AWESOME 20th anniversary trip to South America”

My Wife and I normally do our own self driving tours around the world but decided to celebrate our 20th anniversary in South America with the help of Jacada travel. It turned out to be the absolutely correct choice as Jacada produced a fantastic itinerary for us. We had a blast of a time in Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Chile. Jacada also managed to secure hard to get reservations at the TOP restaurants in the world like Central and Maido. Every hotel we stayed at was TOP notch and we had private guides with us at EVERY stage of our 18 day holiday, including helping us check into all our hotels plus checking in for ALL our flights. Yes, the prices are not exactly cheap but for what we got, it was TOTALLY worth it. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend Jacada if you are looking for a private tour in South America.

Published 06th October 2018 on TrustPilot
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