Jacob Jewitt-Jalland

Travel Designer

I first travelled to South America with my father in 2008, and I caught the bug. Fortunately, not a real bug, the travelling bug, and I’ve not stopped returning to the continent since.

Having had my first taste of Latin America from the vast tangling jungles of the Brazilian rainforest, and the sweeping grasslands of the Pantanal, I decided this was not a place I could leave in a hurry.

A few years later I managed to get back to South America, beginning my journey in the streets of Buenos Aires, using my horrendous Spanish to attempt conversation with the local painters, tango dancers and musicians only to find that many people are more than happy to meet you halfway at Spanglish, making it the perfect city destination for travellers from all walks of life.

Craving the breathtaking beauty of southern Chile I upped sticks from London and moved down to Temuco to teach English; for two years I worked and travelled around Chile, getting to know its every fjord and mountain, and finding a new home along the way.

From sleeping rough in Foz do Iguazu, to surveying the unbelievable Torres Del Paine National Park from a tent, Latin America has proven itself a beautiful, challenging, exciting, incomparable corner of the world.

Ask me about starting a small blues band with a Moroccan violinist in Paraty.

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