Emily Hunter

Travel Designer

I have been fascinated about Africa ever since I was a little girl, – my siblings and I watched The Lion King and Born Free almost religiously when we were younger. My dream came true when my boyfriend decided he wanted to move to Kenya, what can I say …I jumped on that plane too!

Living in Africa definitely changed my life, I cannot describe  how different the air smells, the sounds are and the moon is to anywhere else in the world. Every sense is heightened, and you feel so alive. I spent almost a year living in Northern Kenya, living on a rose farm in the foothills of Mount Kenya overlooking Lewa and Borana Conservancy – sounds like a dream doesn’t it.

Africa has totally got under my skin, there is nothing like watching the big yellow sun disappearing under an escarpment, where the acacia trees become silhouettes of outstanding beauty whilst listening to hyenas cackling and lilac breasted rollers settling in for the night. I was lucky enough to experience almost everything there is to see and do in Kenya over those months from climbing Lenana, Mount Kenya, to scenic flights over flamingos on Lake Bogoria, to an incredible walking, camping camel safari in Laikipia, to fly camping on the River Nile, to staying at Governers Camp in the Mara where we saw a mother cheetah and her five cubs playing in the dust, endless safaris through Lewa Conservancy – I even ran the Tusk Trust half marathon in incredible heat with thousands of ostriches and impalas by my side.

Once you have been there, you will be forever returning to experience more and more of what the beautiful continent has to offer. I cannot wait for my next trip out there, the only decision to make is where to go!

I am a Scottish lassie from the Highlands, and I think growing up there really sparked my love of adventures, travelling and especially camping!

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