Alex Carey

Travel Designer

I was introduced to travel from a young age and this has grown and grown to the point where every free moment is spent travelling or thinking about travelling around Europe. I used to go camping around France every summer as a child and that was where my love of European languages and culture really started. This led me to living in France, Spain and Italy. It really opened my eyes to the diversity that there is in all of these countries. I have integrated myself so much into the European way of life that I am now married to an Italian that I met in Spain and we live in London. Each country in Europe and its people are so unique that you can go back to them time and again and keep finding something new.

Living in these countries allowed me to get beneath the skin and see how the locals live. I will never forget dancing flamenco (badly!) with a Spanish abuela at the Feria de Abril in Seville or making pasta (badly!) with my Italian family in Northern Italy. It is important to see the main sites (and there are so many) but you will never fully understand the destination until you have spent time with the locals. That is what we are here to do; open doors that would normally be closed and turn a holiday into a truly memorable occasion. I would not be doing my job correctly if I didn’t get you off the beaten and away from where the normal tourists go.

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