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Bookended with stays in Winnipeg, spend four days living alongside the fearsome polar bear on this exhilarating Arctic safari

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What's Included

  • This trip takes place between October and November
  • Polar bear walks and drives led by specialist Inuit guides
  • Outstanding photography opportunities
  • Enjoy spectacular aerial views over the Hudson Bay during the scenic charter flights to and from Polar Bear Cabins
  • Spot Arctic wildlife such as Arctic fox, caribou, wolverine, gyrfalcon, ermine, and marten
  • Watch for the Northern Lights each evening
  • Stay in a luxury hotel in Winnipeg and an authentic, comfortable cabin at Hudson Bay
  • Meet and greet airport service
  • Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip
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At a glance

Your adventure to the Canadian Arctic begins with an overnight in Winnipeg, an energetic and multicultural gateway city. We then travel on to Churchill, the last frontier before polar bear country, for a scenic charter flight to the Polar Bear Cabins on the western shore of the icy Hudson Bay. The flight follows the exact path the polar bears take when they migrate in search of the first sea ice to form on the bay. During your flight you’ll have a unique opportunity to take stunning aerial photographs of the surreal and frozen landscape below.

We then arrive at the rustic but comfortable Polar Bear Cabins, which accommodate just eight guests at any one time. Here we’ll spend four days on adrenaline-inducing tundra walks, drives, and excursions amongst the polar bears lead by specialist Inuit guides. It’s not uncommon to see up to ten bears per safari but of course sightings can never be guaranteed.

On days when the polar bears are not present we can still look forward to seeing other fascinating Arctic creatures such as the Arctic fox, caribou, wolverine, gyrfalcon, ermine, and marten and photographing the dazzling and desolate landscape. At night, we’ll watch for the dramatic and stirring Northern Lights to make their magical dance across the star-studded sky.

Example Trip Itinerary

Days 1-2


Meet and greet at Winnipeg airport Meet and greet at Winnipeg airport

One of the most charming, colonial towns on the Costa Verde coast, Paraty is a Brazilian gem set by a picturesque bay. Your travel designer will be able to arrange a tour to allow you to understand the history of this quaint town, or perhaps you would like to visit a local cachaca farm to learn how they make their famous sugar cane rum, board a schooner boat trip or simply take time out to relax Brazilian style.

1 day in Winnipeg 1 day in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a central transport hub and with good flight connections, is more often than not simply a necessary stopover to or from the Arctic. With a good selection of fine restaurants and cultural establishments, we can help you make the most of your short time here should you want to venture out.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Winnipeg hotel to Winnipeg Airport


Flight from Winnipeg to Churchill

Days 2-6

Hudson Bay

Flights & Transfers


Private charter flight from Churchill to the Polar Bear Cabins

Polar Bear Migration Safari: Day 1 Polar Bear Migration Safari: Day 1

Landing right on the frozen tundra, you're immediately immersed deep into a spectacularly surreal land where bears are king and shimmering colours paint the night sky. The cabin placement is strategically reliable for polar bear encounters and photography, and the safari program has been designed to get you as close to polar bears in the wild as possible so that you can literally walk with them in their natural environment. As the river to the north of the cabins is five kilometres wide, Churchill polar bears travelling north along the Hudson Bay coastline are not inclined to move farther north. The cabins are thus placed directly in “polar bear alley.” Spend unforgettable moments living with the polar bears, observing and photographing them while they wait for the river and the Hudson Bay coast to freeze. Your tours will be lead by specially trained Inuit guides who will bring you on walks and hikes in the polar bears natural habitat to witness them sparring, playing, foraging for food, and travelling with their cubs. You can expect to see between one and ten polar bears per day, although there are days when no bears appear. On these days, you can enjoy hikes out on the frozen tundra in search of other Arctic wildlife such as Arctic fox, caribou, wolverine, gyrfalcon, ermine, and marten. Each trek provides an excellent opportunity to photograph stunning landscapes and impressive natural settings. During this time of year, you'll also have a good chance of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights at this location. Each evening after sunset, we’ll eagerly await the unforgettable display of magical light.

Polar Bear Migration Safari: Days 2-5 Polar Bear Migration Safari: Days 2-5

The next few days will be spent observing polar bears in the wild and admiring the stunning natural landscapes. Set your tripod up inside the protective electric fence that surrounds the camp and wait for the perfect close-up of the polar bears that wander by in the company of local guides and Arctic Kingdom staff. The fence is approximately 1.2 meters (4 feet) high with wires spaced far enough apart to allow you to take unimpeded photographs. The cabin's local Inuit guides know the polar bears very well and will help you to spot them. Their knowledge was gained living among them for generations. Safely led by the Inuit guides, we'll head out on daily hikes outside the perimeter of the camp fence. Often the polar bears are friendly, in good spirits, and disinterested in their human audience. From time to time, there will be a curious polar bear who approaches. Following the advice of your guides provides the most authentic, safe, and intimate polar bear moments available anywhere on the planet.

Polar Bear Migration Safari: Day 6 Polar Bear Migration Safari: Day 6

This morning there will be time for a few more photos before packing and leaving the polar bear cabins behind. Your charter flight will depart shortly after noon.

Flights & Transfers


Private charter flight from Polar Bear Cabins to Churchill


Flight from Churchill to Winnipeg

Days 6-7


Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Winnipeg Airport to Winnipeg hotel

Overnight in Winnipeg Overnight in Winnipeg

Your personal guide will meet you at your hotel and by private vehicle be driven to your hotel in Rio de Janiero. The journey will take about three hours during which your guide will give you a brief orientation to this amazing city.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Winnipeg hotel to Winnipeg Airport

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