A Well-Appointed Cabin at the Foot of a Glacier

  • Polar bear, whale and seal spotting
  • Snowmobiling
  • Skiing
  • Husky sledding
  • Glacier climbing
  • Canoeing

The Nordenskiöld Cabin takes its name from the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier at whose foot it lies. This is the northernmost cabin for commercial trips on Spitsbergen and the destination for a truly wild Arctic experience. Reach the cabin by boat in summer and by dog sledges or snowmobile in winter.

Far away from civilisation, the lodge is heated by a wood burner and all the cabin’s water comes from the melting glacier. The five large bedrooms and cosy lunge offer comfortable relief from the wilderness outside while large windows give spectacular views of the mighty glacier, its surrounding moraine and the ocean.

The lodge is equipped with a traditional Finnish sauna and a sunny terrace bordering the shoreline from which you can watch for polar bear on the sea ice. The well-known skiing destination of Atomfjella is located very close by, and the dramatic setting of the cabin affords opportunities for canoeing and glacier climbing.

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