Luxury On The Ice

Facilities & services
  • Composed of especially designed and insultated yurt-style tents
  • Large dining-lounge tent with a fireplace, stove and a 24-hour snack buffet
  • Sleeping quarters with lockable doors
  • Washroom facilities with hot water on demand
  • Personal heaters
  • The camp may be set up on land or directly on ice, depending on the trip location and time of year
  • Camp location, configuration and accommodations may be changed due to logistical or environmental considerations
  • Cultural tours with local Inuit guides
  • Spot tusked narwhal, polar bears, harp seals, bearded seals, ring seals, bowhead and beluga whales
  • Experience 24 hours of daylight in the summer
  • Snowmobile and qamutik expeditions to traditional Inuit hunting grounds
  • Swimming with narwhals
  • Sea ice kayaking and snorkelling
  • Visit the nearby Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary
  • Hiking

Set against a stage of glistening glaciers and colossal cliffs, you’ll find the Pond Inlet Premium Safari Camp nestled between the majestic mountains of Baffin Island and Bylot Island, just outside of Sirmilik National Park. The camp’s elegant luxury tents have been inspired by African mobile safari camps and will be a warm and welcome home-away-from home after an exhilarating day out on the floe’s edge.

The camp has been especially designed as yurt-style tents featuring insulated double walls with high cathedral ceilings. Spacious sleeping tents benefit from lockable doors and are composed of either a king-sized bed or two twin beds according to your needs. Washroom facilities provide hot water sinks and showers. You’ll also have the use of a large dining-lounge tent with a cosy central fireplace, a stove and a 24-hour buffet serving snacks and drinks. Large windows can be found throughout the tents giving spectacular 360 degree views, as can cozy rugs and personal heaters so you can vary the temperature to your liking.

A stay at this Premium Safari Camp offers a comfortable striking point from which venture out on to the floe edge to see tusked narwhal, polar bears, harp seals, bearded seals, ring seals, bowhead and beluga whales.

Where will you venture?

Whatever you want your luxury tour or safari itinerary to include, we’ll create something fully bespoke for you… and only you.

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