Comfort in the Remote Wilds

Facilities & services
  • Double wall insulation system
  • Central dining and lounge area
  • Personal heaters
  • Washroom facilities with hot water on demand
  • Camp location, configuration and accommodations may be changed due to logistical or environmental considerations
  • The camp may be set up on land or directly on ice, depending on the trip location and time of year
  • Admire all-night sunsets in the summer
  • Watch for polar bears, whales and walruses
  • Journey to the floe edge via snowmobiles and qamutiks
  • Boat expeditions
  • Listen to whale songs using a hydrophone
  • Discover Inuit culture and ancient Thule settlements
  • Outstanding photography opportunities
  • Learn to understand the ice
  • Dive and snorkel amongst the sea ice

Nestled in the High Arctic, this cosy and comfortable moveable camp is set up just outside Nunavut’s oldest and most traditional Inuit community, Igloolik. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring panoramas of the Foxe Basin and its abundant Arctic wildlife, the camp will serve as a welcoming and warm base for exciting explorations into the remote wild on and beyond the ice floe edge.

So much more than just a tented camp, the complex is delightfully roomy, well appointed and perfectly warm thanks to a double wall system that’s designed to act like a greenhouse. At the centre of the camp you’ll find a dining and lounge area where you can gather to swap stories after an exciting day out on the ice. The especially designed sleep tents have been constructed with a premium on space and include generous living space and a big vestibule entrance, providing plenty of room for cameras and luggage. Washing facilities feature hot water showers.

You’ll find that even the most remote ares are accessible thanks to this cosy home-away-from-home. During your stay you’ll get to experience a unique combination of ice, land and sea and meet the legendary “Kings of the Arctic” – polar bears, whales and walruses – who reign over this mysterious and wild kingdom.

Where will you venture?

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