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Wild, formidable, and magnificent, the polar bear has long held a place in human fascination. The largest land-based carnivore on earth, this dominant Arctic predator uses the sea ice as a hunting platform. It is essential to the polar bear’s survival and the key to its movements.

Every year, a burst of ursine activity takes place all along the western shores of the Hudson Bay. As the seasonal freeze approaches, the polar bears make their annual migration back to the shores of the Hudson Bay to wait for the sea ice to reform after months of summer melt.

While they wait, the bears can be found inshore all long the west of the bay, spanning from just south of Arivat to York Factory. We’ve collected a selection of the very best lodges and cabins from which you can experience the movements of these majestic beasts for yourself.

When to go

Tours operate from July to November. From July to October, the Arctic is in full bloom and bears traverse the countryside. Between late October and late November, polar bears gather in coastal regions giving visitors a chance to see them in the wild.


What to do

  • Watch for bears from the saftey of giant tundra buggies and all-terrain vehicles
  • Experience midnight sun in the summer
  • Boat tours
  • Snowmobile and sled tours
  • Inuit culture tours
  • Please note that polar bear sightings cannot be guaranteed

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