Sail through the pristine waters of the rarely visited White Continent, accompanied by mysterious whales, curious penguins and seals and hardy polar birds. You’ll pass by monstrous, glittering icebergs on your way to untouched, wild lands on an unforgettable journey into the unknown.

With a private charter, the choice is yours. Cross the legendary Drake Passage, arriving in Antarctica by boat. Or you can choose to skip the Passage and fly straight into Antarctica to maximise your time spent here. With private jets attached to some of our more luxurious boats, guests can begin and end their voyage in Antarctica. You can choose to focus solely on the dazzling Antarctic Peninsula or extend your trip with a visit to the marvellous Falkland Archipelago and South Georgia Island, ‘the Galapagos of the South’.

From exhilarating Zodiac expeditions to scuba diving, ice trekking and visits to remote research stations, you can choose how you would like to discover Antarctica. A charter voyage on a private yacht will let you explore Antarctica in luxury and on your own terms.

When to go

During Antarctica's summer - November to March, with December to January being the optimal time. Penguin chicks start to hatch between mid to late December; January is a good time to watch them feed. February to early March is the best time to spot whales, and there are generally a good number of fur seals to be seen too.


What to do

  • Watch spectacular scenery unfold from the comfort of the ship
  • Spot incredible wildlife
  • Expert-led expeditions on to the ice
  • Get up close with expert guides who will brief you on the natural history of the Antarctica

Antarctica Private Yachts

Here are some of our travel designers' favourite options