An Unique Wilderness Experience

Facilities & services
  • Three thermal tents
  • Lunch served at nearby scientific base and dinner at camp
  • Discover the Drake Passage
  • See penguin and seal colonies
  • Explore Collins Glacier

Experience the world’s most epic adventure at Antarctica’s Ice Camp. Basic and elemental, this is a stay for the true explorer. Explore the Drake’s Passage, witness colonies of seals and penguins and traverse through mighty glaciers.

During your bucket list-worthy expedition, pitch up camp close to Collins Glacier with these three thermal tents. Lodging comes in the form of thermal rollaway beds, with a separate tent used for bathroom amenities.

While dinner is served at camp, lunch will be had at the nearby scientific base which also houses good bathrooms and a cafeteria.

No place on earth compares to the White Continent and this is a truly intrepid and unforgettable way to take in the remarkable wildlife, glaciers, icebergs and never-ending sea of white.

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