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Luxury travel to Bogotá

The Capital City that’s Done a Big U-Turn

You’d have really have to see it to believe it, but the transformation that Colombia’s capital has undergone over the last decade will truly astound you. However, simply in view of the other more worthwhile destinations this magnificent country has on offer, we’d only recommend Bogotá as a necessary layover destination for those visiting Colombia.
We can by all means make the absolute most of your time in this intriguing metropolis, with a selection of luxurious high-end hotels to choose from, world-class restaurants in which to dine and tours to include the pretty La Candelaria district, the lofty Monserrate Church, museums and churches, all with expert private guides and vehicles.

When to go

You can go all year round. The average temperature is 14°c (57°f) and December to March are the drier months. Mind, the city's highland position does mean that the city can get quite cold at night.

What to do

  • Visit the Gold Museum § many colonial churches
  • Stroll around La Candelaria district
  • Take the funicular to see the 10,000ft Monserrate Church above the city
  • Visit a downtown jewellers to pick up an emerald or two
  • Enjoy a canelazo or coffee at a local cafe

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