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Luxury travel to Valparaiso

Chile's Colorful Port Town

Formerly an important port and one of the richest cities in the world, Valparaiso is the most interesting and attractive city to visit in Chile.
With steep hills overlooking the bay, the architecture and feel is not dissimilair to San Fransisco and the city is home to many furnicular railways to help transport citizens around the steep slopes.

Currently in resurgence there are now many new excellent restaurants and boutique hotels opening. This (and its central location in the country - less than two hours from Santiago) makes it an ideal spot to relax for a day or two in its Mediterranean climate.

When to go

Valparaiso is great all year round, especially in the warmer months November through March

What to do

  • Allow yourself to get lost in some of the smaller side streets...there is something new and interesting to surprise you round every corner.
  • Take a ride in one of the funicular railways.
  • Visit La Sebastiana, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's house, now a museum

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