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Luxury travel to Sao Paulo

Centre of Modern Brazilian Culture

A city of 18 million plus and more helicopters per head than New York or LA, Sao Paulo is a nation-size city that refuses to be ignored any longer.
Self appointed heart of modern Brazilian culture, the best cutting edge music, fashion, restaurants and nightlife are all to be found here. Sao Paulo's rich history of immigration providing a cosmopolitan, international edge and making it one of the world's great cities.

Given its size it's important to be in the right place and know the right people, that's why Jacada have selected the best located hotels to choose from and can arrange a number of excellent guides of the city so that you might find the very best it has to offer from a resident Paulista.

When to go

All year round ...(and 24 hours a day)

What to do

  • Enjoy Brazil's Best Restaurants
  • Take part in the best nightlife and bars in Brazil
  • Great shopping (we can arrange shopping tours)

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