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Luxury travel to Punta del Este

Uruguay's Hugely Popular & Glamorous Coastal Resort

A former fishing village, Punta del Este has grown to be one of the more glamorous resorts in South America and favourite of the Argentine Gliterrati.
The main town is set on a spit of coast jutting into the sea, meaning there are mile and miles of beaches. This is a place to see and be seen (during the in season) with many bars, restaurants and clubs catering to a mainly Argentinean clientele. A short drive down the coast is the more sophisticated La Barra which has less of the high rise development of the main town.

When to go

November through til April is the time to go, although in January it becomes very busy indeed

What to do

  • Try the many popular bars and exclusive restaurants in the area
  • Water sports, Beaches, Horse Riding, Golf, Tennis or just Simply Relax

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