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Capital of the Andes, a Colourful Mix of the Colonial and Incan

Capital of the Incan Empire from the early 14th century until its Spanish conquest, Cusco is still a beautiful city with a magical feel. Gateway city to the infamous Machu Picchu, the city is situated in a valley of the Andes Mountains with not only historical Incan ruins, but Spanish architecture and wealth. A trip to Cusco is not to be missed on any luxury Peru tour.
Our guides will unlock the experience of Cusco for you, not only explaining the history, but also the hidden secrets of today's city, from interesting restaurants to local Artisans' workshops.

One cannot visit the Machu Picchu ruins without also visiting all the history and culture that this city has to offer making it the archeological capital of the Americas. Native Incans still inhabit the area speaking their Quechua language and thriving primarily off of agriculture. The cobblestone streets, adobe houses, and open markets add to Cusco's unique charm.


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When to go

The driest months are from May to October and these are the best months for outdoor pursuits

What to do

  • Exploring the city
  • Market tours
  • Cookery Classes
  • Visits to the Sacred Valley
  • Visits to nearby Incan ruins
Our main guide was Carlos. He was very enthusiastic, and shared a great deal of personal and cultural information. We thought he was particularly outstanding when showing us the art in the Cathedral in Cusco and when he took us around the Cusco market.
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