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Luxury travel to the Atacama Desert

Dazzling. There's No Other Place Like it on Earth.

The Atacama Desert is one of the world's driest, fifty times more arid than California's Death Valley, some regions not having received rain for decades.
This is a truly other-worldly landscape of volcanoes, lagoons and salt-flats. Indeed, the Atacama has been used on more that one occasion as a Mars location for films.

What's more, despite its remote location and arid climate, the Atacama is home to world-class hotels. This means you can enjoy your home comforts in a true wilderness.

When to go

  • October to December or March to May are great times to visit as you can enjoy the region in its more relaxed, tranquil and remote period.
  • Due to potential heavy rains in February, we generally recommend not to visit the Atacama then.

What to do

  • Visit the Tatio geysers
  • Take a tour of the Moon and Death valley
  • Explore the salt lakes in the region
  • Star gazing
  • Walk around the sleepy desert town of San Pedro de Atacama

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