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Luxury travel to Arenal

Volcanos, Adventure Thrills and Rainforest Splendour

Nowhere else in Costa Rica allows you the luxurious yet captivating proximity to a (now) dormant volcano encircled by rich rainforest, diverse wildlife and a multitude of adventure activities..
80 miles north of San Jose and covering 790 square miles is the Arenal Volcano National Park on the southern shores of Lake Arenal. Park rangers and geologists keep a very sharp eye on the volcano’s motions, whose last eruption was 1968, giving you the chance to get very close to the exhilarating and powerful mountain.

The great wealth of biological and geological diversity of the area means you can hike through flourishing rainforests, coffee plantations and old lava fields, trek to the emerald crater lagoon of the dormant Chato, take a dip in hot thermal springs, rappel through forest canopies, ride white water rapids, or simply watch in awe the fiery cascades of the volcano from the poolside.

Hummingbirds, tapirs, quetzals and deers are some the fauna highlights and we can arrange various privately guided and bespoke expeditions according to your predilections. Similarly we offer a range of stylish and luxury hotels in the Arenal area that will suit the type of holiday and exceptional standards you are after.

When to go

Temperatures range between 21C/69F and 27C/79F throughout the year, and the dry season is from December to May

What to do

  • Hike through the rainforest of the Arenal Volcano National Park
  • Trek through the old lava fields and numerous nature trails
  • See Chato volcano’s crater lagoon
  • Take a dip in the hot springs
  • Go on a canopy tour, white water rafting, biking, or horseback riding
  • Bird watching, sport fishing

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