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Luxury safaris in Amboseli

Views over the Stunning Mount Kilimanjaro

Amboseli is famous. Everyone wants to experience the magnificent views over the border to Kilimanjaro, and feel the romantic atmosphere that comes from being in her presence.
The National Park has a thriving elephant population which sets you up for that ‘must have’ photograph of ellies in the foreground of the stunning snow-capped Mountain.

Typical of the area are the acacia trees and rocky thorn bush which provide sustenance and shade to the variety of game in the region. There are great herds of zebra, buffalo and antelope that feed the greed of the predators that hunt them. Lion and cheetah are often found lazing about in the midday heat and if you’re keen eyed you might even spot a leopard’s tail swishing as it watches you from the treetops.

Surrounding Amboseli are ranch areas where the Maasai graze their cattle and share the terrain with the wildlife that traverses the land. When you visit, you will definitely get a feel for the Maasai and their way of life. The interaction between the tribes and the game is minimal and it is quite humbling to witness them living alongside nature and working with the lodges to find a healthy balance between tradition and progress.

When to go

  • January,February and June through September are good times to visit
  • April and May are when the heavy rains fall
  • Birdwatchers should aim for October to January for migratory birds

What to do

  • 4x4 Game Drives
  • Maasai village cultural experience
  • Meet Cynthia and Harvey who run the Amboseli Elephant Research Centre

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